Gregory Vernick, chef

Greg Vernick Greg Vernick could be found in the kitchen at an early age. His mother, Beth, owned the Haddonfield Diet Shop in Haddonfield, NJ from 1983 until 1987, and while most kids his age would have been outside on the playground, Greg spent his weekends at his mother’s side, “helping out” as much as a youngster can and learning from his mother and her father, Harold Friedman (that’s him to the right), who owned Friedman’s Market at 21st and Rodman after inheriting it from his father. Experimenting with “concoctions” for family members to try (some more successful than others!), Greg found his passion – and today, he brings exceptional experience in some of the world’s finest kitchens back home to Vernick Food & Drink, which he owns along with his wife, Julie. Together, they are proud to carry on the family’s traditions of serving their neighbors and preparing artful, food-focused meals for their guests.

Ryan Mulholland, general manager

Ryan MulhollandRyan Mulholland is a native of Norwich, CT. His mother worked in restaurants to put herself through school, and some of his earliest memories center around visiting her at work and meeting guests and employees from all walks of life. He first met Chef Greg Vernick and co-owner Julie Vernick at Boston University, where he studied biomedical-engineering before returning to his roots in the restaurant business.

Prior to opening Vernick Food & Drink, Mulholland earned his stellar reputation at Boston, MA’s renowned Clio and Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks, where for over 10 years he honed his ground-up approach to hospitality and acquired the skills and finesse to lead a staff of dedicated professionals and make each guest feel genuinely and authentically welcome and at home. At Vernick Food & Drink, Mulholland’s gracious touch is evident throughout the restaurant; his detail-oriented service was praised in Philadelphia magazine’s “Three Stars: Excellent” review: “…Along with every server I had over a stretch of four visits, Mulholland’s sharp memory and easygoing enthusiasm make this a genuinely amiable spot.” In addition to overseeing day-to-day operation of the front-of-house team, he is also responsible for their thoughtful wine program.